At Baila Baila we take pride on teaching Spanish to children with a unique approach. We are based in Santa Monica and also offer Spanish classes to children all around Los Angeles and now our program is offered in Miami, Florida.

All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers. Their love for their culture, music, and children makes the Baila Baila class a special time for students. Our teachers are trained to promote learning through fun by playing games, making fun art projects, or dancing and singing along to the rhythm of our guitars. Our program is effective because we use association and repetition along with creative techniques and tools to illustrate key concepts. This methods ensure students feel comfortable and not intimidated by a new language.

Isabel Brazon

Isabel Brazon is originally from Venezuela. She has worked professionally with children since the mid 90’s. This experience has taught her a diverse understanding of the developing mind and memory. She is a devoted, loving, and creative teacher. Isa focuses on engaging children in music, traditional games, arts n’ crafts to learn Spanish. The positive results she has obtained through her teaching styles have inspired her to keep pushing the creative potential of her limitless mind as she keeps diligently working on finding new resources and ideas to make the Spanish learning experience fun for all children. Baila Baila combines songs she uses in the classroom with traditional spanish music as well as original works by Isabel herself.

Luis Carlos Sanchez

We would like to welcome our new teacher: “Luis Carlos”. Originally from Mexico, Luis is passionate about working with children. He is a
wonderful musician that add great value to the Baila Baila Team with his amazing guitar skills and loving personality.

Sylvie Simhon

Sylvie Simhon was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. After graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston, she moved to LA to pursue her career in film music. Sylvie writes music for visual media; provides voiceover services; functions as a freelance music editor; and performs her original material around Los Angeles. She is loving teaching the Baila Baila Program at several preschools around Los Angeles and brings a new twist with her Ukalele and sweet voice.

Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva was born and raised in Madrid, Spain by a Californian mother and a Spanish father. Growing up he took interest in summer camps and he joined a boy scout group in which he ended up being a counselor organizing all kinds of fun activities for the younger crowd. “The camp fires where we all got together, sang songs and played guitar are very vivid in my memory,” Danny recalls. He is also a trained actor and has worked in schools as a teacher´s aid and as an English tutor for Spanish kids. Currently he tutors Spanish in L.A and enjoys teaching Spanish through music with the Baila Baila program.

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