A day in Super Heroes Camp consist of a series of activities that will teach the children the importance of giving back to their community for a better world. We will start the day with our Super Hero’s greeting, learning the mission of the day, planning and strategizing, putting on our Super Heroes Gear, enjoy the activity of the day, Super Heroes Achievement Dance and badge ceremony.

Ages: 3-6 years old.

Time: 9am – 1pm

Dates: July 23 – 25 & August 20th – 24th


July 23rd or August 20th

This day we will be meeting at Cloverfield Park and we will bring old toys to give away. We will have a Picnic Day at the park playing for the last time with the toys and then we will visit the Fire Department –Santa Monica Fire Department Station 5 which is across the street from park, to donate the old toys and meet these community heroes.

DROP OFF/PICK UP: 2600 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

July 23rd or August 20th

July 24th or August 21st

We will be meeting at the Baila Baila Studio to learn how to germinate and plant your own garden. We will be planting a community garden right in front of our Studio!


Baila Baila Studio: 2640 Lincoln Blvd #1A Santa Monica, CA 90405

July 25th or August 22nd

This day we will meet at Ozone Park  and will go to the Whole Foods Market (225 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291) after playing in the park, to buy ingredients to make food to give away to the homeless people. From there we will head back to the Baila Baila Studio to prepare the food. On our way there, we will have a scavenger hunt recognizing things we can see around our neighborhood and learning about them and what they are for.


OZONE PARK: 727 Ozone St, Santa Monica, CA 90405


Baila Baila Studio: 2640 Lincoln BlVD #1A Santa Monica, CA 90405

July 26th or August 23rd

We will be meeting at the Baila Baila Studio and stay there to have a lot of activities and projects with recyclable materials and learning how to recycle and classifying the materials properly.


Baila Baila Studio: 2640 Lincoln Blvd #1A Santa Monica Ca 90405

July 27th or August 24th

After a full week of fun and learning how to save the world, we will relax and have more fun at the beach! Parents or Caregivers are welcome to spend the day with us and play with our mini heroes. Most activities planned for this day are in the sand in our Super Hero big tent. Children who want to swim in the ocean most come with parent or guardian.


We will meet at the Perry’s Café and Beach Rentals at Dorothy Green Park 2600 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica, CA 90405.


Superhero camp is a four hour aventure camp where children are provided with a healthy snack on top of all the wonderful activities and fun planed for them.

We have two weeks to choose from for our Superhero Camp:

July: Monday 23th – Friday 27th

August: Monday 20th – Friday 24th

Superheroes can also choose to join individual days from these camps. Parents are welcome to join the fun. Please fill out this form to enroll in our Superhero camp, choose your desired days, give us an emergency contact and let us know in the case your children have any allergies or other medical needs.

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Week of July 23rd – 27th

$250 (50/day)  ENROLL

July 23rd

$55 (4hours day) ENROLL

July 24th

$55 (4 hours day)  ENROLL

July 25th

$55 (4 hours day)  ENROLL

July 26th

$55 (4 hours day)  ENROLL

July 27th

$55 (4 hours day)  ENROLL

Week of August 20th – 25th

$250 (50/day)  ENROLL

August 20th

$55 (4 hours day)  ENROLL

August 21st

$55 (4 hours day)  ENROLL

August 22 nd

$55 (4 hours day)  ENROLL

August 23 rd

$55 (4 hours day)  ENROLL

August 24th

$55 (4 hours day)  ENROLL