Isabel Brazon is originally from Venezuela. She has worked professionally with children since the mid 90's. This experience has taught her a diverse understanding of the developing mind and memory. Music being one of her biggest life-long passions, Isa decided to incorporate it into teaching Spanish. She is a devoted, loving, and creative teacher. Isa focuses on engaging children in music, traditional games, arts n' crafts to learn Spanish. The positive results she has obtained through her teaching styles have inspired her to keep pushing the creative potential of her limitless mind as she keeps diligently working on finding new resources and ideas to make the Spanish learning experience fun for all children. Baila Baila combines songs she uses in the classroom with traditional spanish music as well as original works by Isabel herself. Music is the best way to express and communicate almost anything to a child. Recognizing this, Isa has built the Baila Baila collection for everyone to taste a bit of the culture she loves.